How To Recover A Lost Word Document?

How To Recover A Lost Word Document?

How To Recover A Lost Word Document? 
Sometimes, you might delete a word file accidentally or it may be lost due to some system error. It is necessary that you are aware of the best ways to recover a lost document so that you can use it in time of need.
The steps to follow for being able to recover a lost file are as follows.


The first step is to search for the lost file. Sometimes, it may so happen that you do not remember the name of the word file and the location where you saved it. For such files, you need to run a search query to check the directory where the file are stored and open it. Remember, to use Save As after using the document and then save it to the desired location where you are likely to remember.
For searching the file, go to the search panel by pressing F3 and typing the “.Doc” extension to find all the documents that are listed in the folder. Generally, select the location to “My computer” to ensure an exhaustive search in the entire folder. From the query that is returned, find the file that you are looking for.


For documents which you have accidentally deleted, move to the recycle bin. If you have not completely deleted the file, you would find them seated in the recycle bin. With the help of recycle bin, you can locate the document. Simply click restore the item to restore the deleted file and then use it again.
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As you can see in the above screenshot, you can click restore to use the deleted file.


Sometimes, the auto recover facility may come in handy for restoring your lost word file. This feature generally comes in use when you lose important document files due to system error or when the computer shuts down erroneously.
The auto recover feature which is present in the Word file helps in saving the last update on your word file. For this feature to be used, make sure that auto saving and auto recovering option in your word file is switched on.


Sometimes, computer saves the backup files for your word document. The backup files for MS office word are stored with the extension .WBK. So make use of the folder which contains such files. If you find the desired word file with .WBK extension, double click it to open the file and use it. Make sure to save it before exiting.


Make sure to check the different temporary files that are stored in the temporary folder. There are lots of files in the temporary folder and if you are lucky enough to find the file, click to open and then use it. Once again, make sure to save the file before exit.
Thus, these are the main methods which can be used to recover a lost file. Apart from these, there are a lot of programs and software available as well which can help in recovering your file. Make sure to use them as they are one of the last ways of recovering such word document. One such program is the data recovery wizard.
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One of the many data recovery programs that you can use to recover deleted files.

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