How To Insert A Line?

How To Insert A Line?

How To Insert A Line? 
Sometimes, you would need to insert a line in between your word file. Inserting lines ensure that the readability is enhanced. Lines help in separating one paragraph from the other and it is a good way of structuring your documents.
In this tutorial class, you will learn the right ways of inserting a line in the MS office word file. There are some very simple steps which can be followed to get lines inserted in between. The steps are as follows.

  • Open the MS office word file in which you want to enter the line.
  • Move to the “Page Layout” tab present in the top row.

how to make one page landscape clip image002
As you can see in the above screenshot, these are the different options you can get after clicking page layout tab.

  • In the page layout section, move over to the “Page Borders” part.
  • Click on page borders and it would open a new dialog box.

how to make one page landscape clip image004
The dialog box that opens after clicking the page borders. Look out for the horizontal line option.

  • In the leftmost corner of the dialog box, you can find the option “Horizontal Line”. Click on that option.
  • This opens another dialog box which contains a lot of line styles.
  • Scroll through all available options to select the line design which you want to incorporate in your word file.
  • Click on the designed style and then click OK.
  • The line will be inserted in the word file in the place you had the cursor.
  • If you want to change the formatting of the line, simply right click and select the option “Format horizontal line”.

how to make one page landscape clip image005
This is the dialog box for formatting the line.

  • You will have a fresh dialog box popping up on the screen where you have a lot of different options like
  • Width.
  • Height.
  • Color.
  • Alignment.
  • You can select any of these options and change the styling of the line.
  • You can also move the line from one location to another to place it in the desired place in your document.

Thus, these are the simple steps that you need to follow for inserting a line in the word file. It is a good habit to insert lines as they serve as demarcating boundaries which could help in separating two distinct topics in a single document. So, use this method and inset horizontal lines of different style at as many places as you wish to in an MS office word file.
There are a lot of shortcuts that you may use as well for quick insertion of lines. The shortcuts are as follows.

  • Typing three hyphens and hitting enter would produce a normal straight line like
  • Typing three tildes and pressing enter would produce a line like


  • Typing three asterisks and pressing enter would produce line like
  • Typing three equal sign and hitting enter would produce a line like


  • Typing three “#” signs and hitting enter would draw line like


So, use these shortcuts for inserting lines with ease without the hassles of moving over to the tabs.

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